British Airways plane catches fire at Las Vegas airport


A British Airways jet has caught fire at Las Vegas airport sending smoke billowing into the air. The plane – a Boeing 777 – could be seen with flames around its fuselage. There were 159 passengers and 13 crew on board. Two people were treated for minor injuries as a result of the incident, which involved a flight that was due to fly from the US city’s McCarran Airport to Gatwick. It was not immediately clear what had caused the fire, which was quickly put out by emergency services. Dramatic images of flight 2276 were shared on social media by members of the public at the airport, which is five miles south of downtown Las Vegas. Airport authorities said that one runway was put out of service. The aircraft model was identified as a 275-seat B777-200, a long range twin jet which operates on longhaul routes for BA, which is one of the world’s largest operators of the type. ]]>


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